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Claim Center

Your Claims, Our Commitment

At Skipper Insurance, we understand that when you need to file a claim, you’re looking for a swift and fair resolution. Rest assured, handling your claim quickly and justly is our top priority, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

Reporting a Claim

Reporting a claim is simple and efficient. During regular business hours, please call our dedicated team at 800-844-3005. We will happily help you navigate the claim process. 

If one of life’s unexpected events occurs after business hours or on a weekend, you may wish to report the claim directly to the insurance company; see the contact information below.

Property-related claims

If your claim relates to your property, we want to help you minimize further damage. Here are some important steps to follow:

  • Immediate Action: Take necessary measures to reduce the risk of additional damage. For instance, placing a tarp on a damaged roof can prevent further issues.
  • Document the Situation: Be sure to document the scene thoroughly. Take lots of pictures and capture the details. These visuals will be invaluable in the claims process.
  • Keep Receipts: Hold on to any receipts related to expenses incurred due to the claim. These documents will assist in assessing your compensation.


Company Telephone Email
Alacomp 888-661-7119  
Allstate Insurance 800-255-7828 Email
Auto Owners 888-252-4626  
Steadpoint (Argo) 888-344-8006  
C.N.A. 877-574-0540 Email
EMC 888-362-2255  
Encompass 678-475-6222 Email
Frankenmuth 800-234-4433 Email
Foremost Insurance  800-527-3905 Email
Johnson & Johnson 800-487-7565 Email
Metlife 800-854-6011  
Liberty Mutual 800-362-0000 Email
Penn National 800-766-2245  
Progressive 800-776-4737  
The Sheffield Fund 205-991-7552 Email
State Auto 800-288-4425 Email
Travelers 800-252-4633 Email


Skipper Insurance & Realty

1534 College Avenue
PO Box Drawer 1098
Jackson, AL 36545

Telephone: (251) 246-2487
Butler, AL Office: (251) 231-0713

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